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Protecting an Israeli Hospital in a War Zone

Lea works at a hospital in the middle of a war zone. Barzilai Hospital is located in southern Israel, in the direct line of fire of the rockets launched regularly by terrorists in nearby Gaza. During the most recent war in Israel, Operation Pillar of Defense, Barzilai came under fire. And Lea was almost killed on her way to work.

This is why The Fellowship, with your generous support, is extending a Helping Hand to protect this essential medical facility.

During the height of Operation Pillar of Defense, Lea was driving to work as usual. Suddenly, she decided to turn and drive a different way. At that moment, a rocket landed exactly next to where her car would have been if she'd continued on her normal route.

When she got to work, the situation was just as dangerous. Many of the doctors and nurses had been called to the army, leaving the hospital short-staffed. In addition, they had to evacuate the top two floors of the hospital and transfer all non-emergency births to other facilities located out of rocket range. Then, shortly after, a rocket landed in the hospital courtyard.

"I can't explain why a hospital courtyard that is usually full of people was empty at the time a rocket fell. I can't explain why I decided to change the route I drive to work that day," Lea says. "I can only believe that God looks over us and keeps us safe."

The Fellowship is also devoted to Barzilai's protection. Soon after Operation Pillar of Defense, Rabbi Eckstein announced that The Fellowship will donate money to secure the hospital's delivery rooms from rocket attacks.

"I want all of your donors to know that with your financial support for our hospital you are all God's messengers, and I am sure that you will share in all of God's blessings," Lea says.

When you give to our Helping Hands Campaign, you are providing life-saving help to Israelis who are constantly under attack. Your gift also provides necessities such as food, shelter, and medical assistance to needy Jewish people throughout the Holy Land. Join in God's work of caring for the needy with a generous gift to our Helping Hands Campaign today.