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Please Help Them Survive This Winter!

Sonya remembers enduring daily bombings by the Nazis, the awful hunger, and the freezing Russian winters.

"We burned books, couches, and everything else we had to try to keep warm," she said.

We all know of the unspeakable suffering borne by these older Jews who lived through the horrors of Nazism. It would be wonderful if such hard times are all in their past – especially for Holocaust victims who live in Israel.

Sadly, that is not true. Thousands of these precious souls still struggle in poverty to meet their most basic needs.

Winter means an extra-hard struggle to survive for these men and women who often suffer alone because they don't know where to turn for help.

This is a tragedy we can do something about through The Fellowship's lifesaving Winter Warmth campaign!

We need your strong support today to supply cold-weather essentials such as heat, warm blankets, and food to thousands of destitute elderly Jews such as Sonya, both in Israel and the former Soviet Union.