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Offering a Lifeline for Parents Facing an Impossible Choice

Ayelet is a single mom to two daughters, who are eight and ten. She works as a cashier in a supermarket in Be'er Sheva, Israel, earning a monthly salary of just $1,142.

Though it hasn't been easy, Ayelet has always found a way to provide for her children without having to turn to charity or welfare. In fact, she was determined to set an example for her children so they would never feel that accepting welfare was an option in life.

But in 2012, Ayelet had nowhere to place her girls during their summer vacation from school. She asked her boss if she could take some time off during the summer months to be with her young children, but he refused her request.

Given the choice between leaving her daughters home alone and quitting her job, Ayelet chose to quit. She was forced to go on welfare for the first time in her life.

People like Ayelet and her daughters are the reason The Fellowship launched our Summer Shelter program, offering a safe, educational place for kids from low-income Israeli families to spend their days off from school in the summer.

The program is expanding this summer to provide 140,000 children with a safe, nurturing environment, allowing their parents to keep working for their much-needed income and to experience peace of mind knowing their children are being fed, taught, and loved.

When you give to our Pay Love Forward Campaign, you are paying your love of Israel and the Jewish people forward by providing for these vulnerable young children. This campaign supports the Summer Shelter program, which in turn supports a stronger, more secure Israel.

Please pay your love of Israel forward today, and consider paying that love forward throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.