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Noy: Third-Year Law Student at The College of Management.

Through the IMPACT! program, Noy volunteers at the Acharey! ("Follow Me!") organization in the city of Ramle. He manages to devote much of his time to working with the youth in the organization while still excelling in his studies. He began his work with Acharey! as an assistant to the group leader, helping soldiers prepare for IDF military service. When the group leader left the organization, Noy took his place. Despite the tremendous workload at school, Noy led the group from Ramle for one year, and managed to have a great impact. A young woman named Orit was part of the group for two years.

She was exempt from serving in the IDF due to religious considerations. However, although Orit was initially pleased with this exemption, her two years with the Acharey! group and Noy's support changed her perspective and she requested to enlist in the IDF. She has been serving in an Air Force squadron during the past year and a half. With Noy's guidance, Orit found the courage and confidence she needed and realized she can do something meaningful. She was able to fulfill her potential and integrate into the military system. Noy was her role model. From him, Orit learned about the values of giving, being committed to the future of Israel, and believing in her ability to have an impact.