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"Now we know that we're not alone."

Yehudah lives in Jerusalem with his wife and six children, who are all under the age of 10. He works as a scribe copying holy texts by hand — just as was done in biblical times.

"Living in the holy city of Jerusalem is the biggest blessing," Yehudah explains, "but there is a scribe on every block. Therefore, I earn close to minimum wage, which was okay until my daughter was born and needed lots of extra care."

"My daughter needs a huge list of medicines, therapies, and a special wheelchair," Yehudah explains, his eyes welling with tears. "We are in enormous debt, and I can't afford to feed my other children and pay the bills. I'm performing a juggling act right now to provide the basic needs for my family, and I feel like I'm falling apart."

Yehudah and his wife view children as a blessing from God. They have always lived on a meager salary, but they were still able to buy food, some warm clothing, and could pay their electric and water bills. But with the financial pressures of their youngest child's medical issues, Yehudah somberly admits, "We are desperate for food."

When The Fellowship heard his story, we immediately began delivering a daily warm meal through a Fellowship-funded soup kitchen in Jerusalem to help Yehudah feed his family.

"The one warm, healthy, nutritious meal that The Fellowship provides for my family each day is keeping us together and enabling us to face the struggles with a smile. Now we know that we're not alone. We eat together as a family, and The Fellowship really gives us the charity of food with dignity and love, just as the Bible says to do," Yehuda says. "Thank you to The Fellowship for standing with the suffering people of Jerusalem and providing food for my family when I am unable to do so."

Please help provide resources so The Fellowship can continue to be there for desperate Jewish families in their time of need. Your donation today will help ease the suffering of the poor and hungry.