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Mother in Israel Receives Lifesaving Medical Assistance through IFCJ

Natalia was seventeen years old when her family escaped the former Soviet Union for the refuge of Israel.

Now a widow with four children of her own, a serious heart condition has her turning to IFCJ for help.

Like so many of Israel's poor, Natalia is often faced with a terrible choice between buying food or paying for medicine.

That is why the medical assistance and supplies they receive thanks to people who donate to IFCJ's Guardians of Israel program is truly lifesaving.

When Natalia learned that she would need a machine to provide oxygen while she sleeps in order to prevent a heart attack, she was terrified, explaining, "The problem is that this machine costs 5,500 shekels and I don't have an extra shekel to spend."

Then she told a local social worker about her problem. "He told me that Rabbi Eckstein and The Fellowship had set up a Special Needs Fund and he would request permission to buy the machine. It only took two days before he got back to me with a positive answer. Now I can sleep nights without worrying that I might have another attack."

"I don't know how to thank Rabbi Eckstein and The Fellowship for buying me this important machine. I don't know what I would do without The Fellowship. The doctors tell me — and I also feel it — that without this machine I could have a heart attack and die at any time while I'm asleep. To know that there is a solution to your problem but not to have the funds to purchase it is worse than no solution at all. You have simply saved my life and given new hope to my children. Please continue with your generosity and good deeds. I always pray for you who have helped me so much."

Inspired by her story, donors from all across the country are writing in to tell us why they support IFCJ. Ronda in Colorado wrote to tell us, "God commands us to take care of His people. He will bless us for blessing the Jews." Olivia from North Carolina echoes, "I love the Jews and take every opportunity I can to bless these precious people."

IFCJ is now calling on faithful friends like you to help provide much-needed medical assistance that desperate people like Natalia need to survive.