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No Longer Hungry and Alone

Lani is nine years old and has two younger siblings. They came to Israel from Ethiopia a few years ago with their mother. Their father died while walking through the Ethiopian desert on the family's long journey to Israel.

From the time of their arrival in the Holy Land, Lani's mother has struggled greatly. She grew up in a small village, where "education" meant learning how to tend to sheep. It was a shock when she arrived in Israel and realized she did not have the skills necessary to make a living in a modern society.

The family moved into public housing, and Lani's mother began looking for a job. She has yet to find one. On a good day, she brings home only about $20 from odd jobs. Consequently, the family can afford very little, spending money only on bills and a few basic food items. They rely on food packages provided by The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program to survive.

Lani and her sisters get out of school at 1:30 p.m. and their mother can't afford to hire a babysitter for them. Because of this, Lani used to have to babysit her younger siblings at home, often with no food in the house. Because she's still a little girl, she doesn't like to be in the house alone and would feel anxious all day about coming home.

Fortunately, a "Fellowship House" recently opened in their neighborhood. Now, instead of returning to an empty home with no food, Lani and her sisters go to this community center for children, funded by Guardians of Israel, until their mother comes home. Here, staff feed them a healthy meal, and tutors help them with their homework. Thanks to the help, warmth, and guidance they receive at the Fellowship House, the children are healthier, and Lani has less anxiety and has improved greatly in school.

This summer the Fellowship House took a trip to a local pool, and it was the first time that Lani and her sisters have gone swimming. "Everything they do for us at the Fellowship House is new," explains Lani. "It is amazing to no longer feel hungry or alone. We feel like this is our home."

Programs like the Fellowship House make all the difference in the world for struggling children and families. Please open your hearts and give to Guardians of Israel today

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