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Aviv Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer.

So many Jews in Israel struggle to afford life’s basic necessities. The Fellowship is working every day to give needy Jews the food and medical assistance they need to survive. You can help provide for a Jew by giving a small gift to The Fellowship.

One of these people is Aviv.

Aviv lives with her daughter in the city of Dimona, Israel. She worked 12 hours per day as a cashier for minimum wage just to make ends meet each day.

Then Aviv got the frightening news…she had cancer. She soon became too sick to work. How would she support her daughter?

The Israeli government helped as much as it could but was able to provide only half of what she was making at her regular job. She could only say:

“My world feels like it’s falling apart.”

She struggled to support herself and her daughter before, but now with the costs of medicines and treatment for her cancer it seemed impossible. Every night, Aviv feared her daughter will come home to a dark apartment if she has to choose the medicine she needs over electricity.

“All of my energy goes toward ensuring that she feels safe and comfortable, and that she knows that I’m always here for her.”

Through social services, Aviv found out about how The Fellowship aids destitute Jews in Israel who, like her, have nowhere else to turn for help.

Aviv now receives food packages from friends like you on a regular basis. She can concentrate on getting better rather than having to choose between medicine and groceries or bills.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon story. Aviv and so many other Israelis struggle every day to make ends meet and are forced to choose between medicine and food, electricity, or rent. Please send a gift to The Fellowship today and help save poor Jews in Israel.