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Impoverished Widow Finds Needed Hope in Operation Winter Warmth

Tonya is 82 and lives alone in a decrepit apartment in one of the oldest and poorest neighborhoods in her part of the former soviet republic of Georgia. A 2002 earthquake destroyed the apartment's kitchen and left huge cracks in the walls and ceilings.

Tonya's husband and elder daughter are dead and her younger daughter lives in Europe. The tiny pension Tonya receives from her years of work at a textile factory, only $60 a month, is far too little to live on. Unable to afford both medicine and utility bills, Tonya was forced to roam the streets, sifting through garbage to find bottles she could recycle for a few cents.

Then Tonya lost even this meager source of income when her eyesight began failing and she grew scared to walk down the broken stairs that lead from her apartment to the street.

But thanks to The Fellowship's Operation Warmth Campaign. Tonya doesn't need to worry about her financial struggles any more. Our generous Operation Warmth supporters help supply Tonya with food cards, laundry services, subsidized medicine, homecare, and, most important this time of year, winter relief.

When you donate to our Operation Warmth Campaign, you help ensure that destitute people in Israel and the former Soviet Union, people like Tonya, are warm this winter – and are reassured that they aren't alone or forgotten.