"I come here to alleviate my hunger, my pain, and my sadness." | IFCJ
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"I come here to alleviate my hunger, my pain, and my sadness."

Every morning at 7:00 sharp, Gidon stands at the entrance of The Fellowship soup kitchen in Jerusalem, waiting anxiously for its doors to open. Although breakfast is not served until 7:30, Gidon comes a half hour early because he's hungry, lonely, and has no other place to go.

Gidon recalls growing up in Jerusalem when it was still divided, his home a mere stone's throw away from Jordanian-controlled East Jerusalem. The trauma of being brought up on the frontline of Israel's battle for survival has stayed with him throughout his life.

The wars, abject poverty, and lack of food which plagued Gidon's childhood greatly affected his early development and, unfortunately, caused his paranoia and severe depression. When his parents died, Gidon was left all alone and unable to care for himself.

Gidon receives a small disability income – he cannot work because of his mental conditions – which he uses to buy his medicine every month. With no family or friends to turn to for help, Gidon has only The Fellowship soup kitchen to go to for food, comfort, and companionship.

"Here, inside The Fellowship soup kitchen, I am treated like a person and I know that people care about me," Gidon says tearfully. "I come here to alleviate my hunger, my pain, and my sadness."

When you become a Friend of The Fellowship, you help ensure that needy Jewish people like Gidon aren't left hungry and alone. Your monthly contributions will help provide clothing, food, heating fuel, and medical care to needy Jews in both Israel and the former Soviet Union.

Isaiah 58:10 tells us to "Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness." Your generous contributions to The Fellowship will help fulfill this command and keep untold numbers of needy people fed, warm, and loved.