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Helping Israelis One by One

Every day the volunteers who work at The Fellowship Crisis Hotline are moved by those they help.

Children without beds, single parents without food in the refrigerator, sick people who cannot afford medicine, elderly without electricity, hopeless Jewish people without a reason to live.

It is difficult work for them, listening as Israelis in distress pour out their anguish and desperation. But what’s even more difficult is seeing how many callers are waiting on the line for assistance, how many unanswered cries for help remain at the end of each day. We simply don’t have the capacity to help them all.

You have a big heart for Israel and her people, and these unanswered cries surely distress you, too. Thankfully, you can help answer them.

Your monthly gift to The Fellowship Crisis Hotline ensures that no call – from a hungry Holocaust survivor, a desperate single mother, or a suicidal IDF veteran – goes unanswered.

The least of these are calling out for help. Your monthly gift answers them with God’s healing and hope.