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Helping Israelis One by One

Every call the Fellowship Crisis Hotline gets is a desperate cry for help.

One by one, Israelis in need ask for basic essentials for survival, like food … lifesaving medical aid … housing … infant formula … and so much more.

And, one by one – together – we follow God’s command to “comfort ye, comfort ye my people” (Isaiah 40:1).

You can hear the desperation in their voices as they call – see God’s work in action thanks to committed friends of The Fellowship.

For 35 years – half of the Jewish state’s existence – generous supporters have been blessing Israel’s vulnerable and needy people through The Fellowship.

Thirty-five years ago, the Fellowship Crisis Hotline was just a vision. Now, these generous supporters have made it possible for the Hotline to become a lifeline for the entire nation of Israel, similar to the 911 US emergency line. Some Israelis call to fill a one-time immediate need, but many call for ongoing help – they need food deliveries every week, or medicine every day, to survive.

Hear these calls for help in the video and see how generous hearts for God’s people are saving lives.

They come to us, one by one, for help. And with your support and faithful partnership, we can continue to help them – one by one.

Please watch, and know that your love for Israel is truly felt every day by Israelis in need.