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Helping a Man Broken in Body and Spirit

By the time Tuvia reached Israel in 1995, he had already survived the evils of the two wickedest tyrants of the past century – Hitler and Stalin. He spent his early childhood years running, hiding, and concealing his Jewish identity to avoid the Nazis. During this time he also lost his father and most of his relatives.

Through the next chapter of his life Tuvia lived in Ukraine under the dictatorship of Stalin, whose plan was to starve the Ukrainian people into oblivion. Despite all that hardship, Tuvia managed to get an education. Hard work, unwavering perseverance, and God's mercy helped Tuvia survive in Ukraine's darkest days.

Tuvia finally received the opportunity to move to Israel. Broken, yet alive, he began a new life in the Holy Land.

Sadly, hardships accompanied Tuvia when he arrived in Israel. Too old to find decent work, Tuvia was forced to perform arduous tasks in order to pay for food and basic living expenses. Then he lost his mother and endured a painful divorce.

Tuvia eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and has since secluded himself in his tiny Jerusalem apartment. Tuvia needs extensive psychiatric help and a consistent regimen of medications, expenses he simply can't afford.

Tuvia is now 74 years old and receives a small government pension each month. Considering his meager fixed income, it is nothing short of a miracle that Tuvia has a roof over his head.

Through the generosity of our donors, The Fellowship is sustaining Tuvia by providing him with the ability to purchase the medicine he needs to live. Today Tuvia is surviving thanks to the heartfelt generosity of our donors.

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