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Help Secure the Holy Land

It has been the goal of Israel’s security forces for seventy years:

Patrol and Protect Israel’s Cities BEFORE Terrorists Attack Innocent Jewish People!

Israel’s brave defenders have prevented many attacks—over 4,500 last year alone—even at the cost of their lives! Yet, they cannot be everywhere at every moment to stop terror threats before they become deadly attacks.

However, you can change that by helping The Fellowship in presenting Israel with lifesaving security drones that can easily and quickly patrol wide areas of Israel and reveal terror threats BEFORE an innocent life is taken.

Watch the video to show a drone in action catching terrorists “red-handed” with weapons and fire bombs, aiming to target innocent women, children, and the elderly.

Sha’ar HaNegev and Hof Ashkelon are two communities that border with terrorist-run Gaza, suffering constant terror attacks over the past seventeen years.

The terrorists have been attacking the Gaza border fence with renewed fury—driven not just by their hatred for Jews and Israel, but also by vicious anger at plans to rightfully move the American embassy to Jerusalem.

These killers are seeking to inflict harm during Israel’s 70th anniversary celebration. The best way to answer their murderous intent is by strengthening Israel through your gift today!

Please join us in blessing Israel by making your best gift today to help secure the Holy Land from those who are trying to destroy her – keeping her strong for the next seventy years and beyond!