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Help Elderly Jews in Israel Survive a Harsh Winter

Winter can be surprisingly cold in Israel — especially for frail, elderly Jews who cannot afford to heat their home.

Sadly, a recent study showed that one-third of all elderly Israelis have had to forgo heating their homes in order to buy food and medicine.

That is why IFCJ is once again working to heat up the home and heart of elderly Israelis this winter – especially for destitute Holocaust survivors like Elana in Lod, Israel.

As a little girl, Elana was arrested by the Nazis and sent to the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She now spends her days and her sparse resources caring for her son, a disabled veteran who was wounded during the Six Day War.

"Now I can stay warm in the winter. Your blessings and generosity warm me as much as the heat. Thank you," Elana says gratefully.

Thanks to IFCJ supporters, Elana received help with her heating needs so she wouldn't have to face another winter in a freezing cold apartment.

Each year, IFCJ donors help provide heat to hundreds of thousands of elderly Jews in the Holy Land like Elana.

Our assistance is now even more critical because Israel's government needs to increase defense spending to protect her people against terrorism and prepare for the possibility of war leaving even fewer resources to help poor elderly citizens like Elana.

Your generous gift can literally be a life-saver for these impoverished people who have nowhere else to turn. Please donate now in support of The Fellowship's Operation Warmth to help us keep elderly Jews safe and warm this winter.