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"Guardians of Israel Got Me Back on My Feet"

Aaron, 45, and his wife of 15 years recently welcomed a new baby girl into the world with joy and thanksgiving. They thought they'd never be able to have children, so their daughter's birth was truly a miracle. Unfortunately, prior to their child's birth, Aaron lost his job. He'd been renovating houses for the same construction company for 10 years, but when a financial crisis overtook their area, the company where Aaron worked fell apart.

It was a bitter blow to a family with a new child to care for, a family that had always lived humbly, but comfortably. "We weren't rich, but we were happy," Aaron explains. "Before I lost my job, each month we had exactly enough money to pay our bills, and we never felt stressed financially."

Though Aaron searched tirelessly for work, he was unable to find a new job. They lived on his wife's minimum-wage salary, which covered only rent and food. Each month Aaron called the electric company begging them not to shut off their power. "It was difficult because I am a hard-working man and I desperately wanted to support my family," Aaron says. "I felt helpless, worthless, and terrified to bring a baby into such an uncertain situation."

The outlook for this desperate family improved dramatically when a municipal social worker told Aaron about The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program. Guardians provided Aaron and his wife with a crib, stroller, changing table, and diapers. They also helped Aaron find a new job.

"Within a month of my new baby being born, she was settled in at home with everything she needed, and I was working for a respectable income. Guardians got me back on my feet and didn't let my family sink into poverty. They saved me when I was feeling desperate. Thank you so much."

"Sometimes during the most joyous times, we are tested the most," Aaron says. Thanks to our Guardians of Israel for helping Aaron and his family pass their test. Please give today to help other needy families like them in the Holy Land.