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Eli: Healing from Terrorism

In many ways, Eli was the typical seven-year-old boy—energetic, enthusiastic and quick with a smile. But all of that changed one fateful day several years ago.

Eli was at his parent's shop at a local mall when a terrorist blew himself up at a nearby pizzeria. Two people were killed, and 29 injured. Eli's eardrum had been pierced and his leg struck by a nail from the bomb, but he was alive.

Doctors restored partial hearing to his damaged ear and healed his leg. But terrorism takes a psychological as well as a physical toll. Eli was not the happy, self-confident boy he had been. He was now fearful of being in the house alone, and suffered from nightmares that kept him awake every night. So great was his fear that his parents had to re-order their lives so he was not left alone for more than a few minutes at a time. His schoolwork, and his parent's business, began to suffer.

Then, one day Eli's mother heard about a Fellowship-sponsored program for victims of terror. With the help of caring professionals, Eli's parents began carefully easing him back into normal life. His schoolwork, self-esteem and sociability are all improving markedly.

Eli and his parents still remember the pain of the terror attack that changed their lives forever. But they are eternally grateful to The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel for helping Eli to heal. "The wounded have to go on living their lives," Eli's mother says. The road is long and hard, but with the help of Guardians like you they will go on walking it, step by step.