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David: A Grieving Father Finds Hope

David and his wife live with their six children in a three-room public housing apartment. Last year they lost their 16-year-old son to leukemia, even though they spent all their money trying to save him.

Despite being a hard-working man, David also lost his job with the city — within a year of losing his son. In addition to grieving his tremendous loss, he was unsure how he would cover his family's basic needs. Four of the children slept in one room, while the other two slept on the living room floor on a pile of blankets.

"Our kids are getting older, and the two who slept on the floor were miserable," David says. "My kids refused to go to school. They lost their older brother and were unable to sleep at night."

David was brokenhearted when he went to the Fellowship office to ask for help. The family needed two beds and food baskets to survive until David finds work. His request was approved, and the needs were provided through the Guardians of Israel program. Now, the family has enough to eat and all his children have a place to sleep at night.

"Now that they have beds, they feel a little more stable and are back in school and trying hard to catch up to their peers," David explains.

The family has a long road ahead, but thanks to The Fellowship's generous Guardians of Israel donors, they now have the tools they need to make it through an incredibly challenging time in their lives.

In times of crisis, Guardians of Israel is there to comfort and provide for Israelis in need. Please give today — and may God bless you for your kindness!