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Can She Overcome Fear, Terror, and Hate?

Sophia is an elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor in Russia. After the war she married and raised a beautiful daughter.

However, tragedy struck Sophia's life as she lost her husband, daughter, and son-in-law in a horrific car accident. Sadly, Sophia is now completely alone, often confined to her home

The Fellowship is providing Sophia with food, help with minor house repairs, plus much-needed companionship when Isaiah 58 volunteers visit to help ease her suffering.

Meanwhile in places like France and Ukraine, many more Jews are living in deep fear of terror, war, and anti-Semitism. And tens of thousands of elderly Jews, like Sophia, as well as children throughout the former Soviet Union are facing another winter of bitter cold without life's basic necessities!

In the midst of these challenges, Israel remains surrounded by vicious enemies as her most vulnerable people fall even deeper into poverty.

That is why we fervently pray you will stand with The Fellowship today to help the Jewish people in need. With your most generous gift of support, Sophia and thousands of others will be blessed with much-needed food, critical medicines, heating fuel to survive the harsh winter, and other basic necessities.

What better season to express our love for Israel and needy Jews than during the holidays when we celebrate God's miracles?