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A Very Special Reason for Celebrating Israel's Independence

On April 16th, Israel celebrated her sixty-fifth anniversary of her independence. One person who has a special reason to celebrate is Bracha.

Bracha is a fifty-eight-year-old widow who recently came to Israel after a long and painful journey from Ethiopia. She walked with her children and grandchildren for weeks to reach the spot where there was a plane to take them to Israel. Sadly, not all of them made it: Bracha's daughter died along the way. "I continued to walk with my two children and her two children," Bracha remembers, "but when we arrived at the plane, it was bittersweet."

Despite this deep sorrow, Bracha feels blessed to be in Israel. "When we landed in the Holy Land, I kneeled down and kissed the ground," she says. "I thought, This is the ground that my ancestors have been telling stories about for so many generations, and I kept thanking God that He gave me the opportunity of living out their dream."

Once in Israel, Bracha struggled to support her children and grandchildren. "I felt so bad that I couldn't provide food for them," Bracha says.

Bracha soon learned about The Fellowship and how impoverished Jewish families in Israel can count on us to help during times of urgent need. "Now, each night when we eat dinner, we appreciate it so much and thank God and The Fellowship for giving us that blessing," she says.

You can join Bracha in celebration and make a strong statement of support for Israel and her people when you donate to The Fellowship's Guardians of Israel program.

Your gift will help us provide basic needs, such as food, clothing, and medical assistance that so many families, children, and elderly people — including Holocaust survivors — in Israel need right now.

While the world has changed a great deal since 1948 when Israel became an independent state, she remains surrounded by enemies, and spending on defense leaves the government with little to help destitute people like Bracha and her family. That is why each donation to The Fellowship can make such a meaningful difference.

The Fellowship is proud to be one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Israel. But that also means that we have a responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves. We hope that you will mark Israel's independence in a very special way this year by making a generous donation to help needy Jews in the Holy Land.