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A Soldier’s Story

When the soldiers see the Fellowship hospitality vehicle winding down the dirt road, their faces light up like kids who have just heard the sound of an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

But they’re certainly not kids. These soldiers are the “watchmen on the walls” who day and night protect the Jewish state from enemies sworn to her destruction.

At this remote outpost on Israel’s border with terrorist-ruled Gaza, the enemy is just a few hundred yards away. The mood can be tense, and the climate is hot and unforgiving. Israel Defense Forces soldiers lack access to so many simple things we take for granted – a cold drink, a treat to enjoy with friends, a phone call so they can speak with their loved ones.

Our two Fellowship hospitality vehicles visit some of the most volatile and dangerous areas along Israel’s borders, providing soldiers with snacks, cold drinks, an internet connection for phone calls, a moment of relief from their jobs … and, most important, a reminder that people care.

“It’s one of the things that keeps us going,” one soldier said, “all the help we get … the people that acknowledge us and say, you do hard work, you deserve this.”

Watch and see how the Fellowship hospitality vehicle shows Israel’s fighting men and women that someone cares by providing them with some of life’s simplest pleasures … and a miracle or two.

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