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'A Little Peace of Mind'

Dana is a single mother of six, a native Israeli who works long hours in the catering business. Due to rising food prices and increases in rent, she still finds it hard to make ends meet. She can barely afford to pay her rent and her bills for food, electricity, and water.

Dana and her children live in a two-bedroom apartment that is in horrible condition. Though it costs $600 a month, it was the cheapest apartment she could find within reasonable distance to her work. The plumbing is broken, the toilet rarely flushes, and the bathroom door doesn't close. Dana cannot even afford to buy enough beds for her family. "I went to the welfare department three times asking them for beds, but they never helped," Dana explains. "I work 8-10 hour days, and in order to go to the welfare department to make this request I must take off of work and lose money. Once I realized that they couldn't help me, I came to terms with sleeping on the couch. If I need to be uncomfortable, that's one thing. But it breaks my heart to see my children live like this."

When Rabbi Eckstein arrived at Dana's home bringing new beds, a dresser, a wardrobe, and a bed and desk for their apartment, Dana started crying for joy. "My future is so uncertain, and I don't know what tomorrow will hold," she told him. "But to finally have enough beds for my family gives me a little peace of mind." As Dana cried, her six-year-old daughter comforted her with a hug, a smile, and reassurance that everything will be all right.

Rabbi Eckstein told Dana, "The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is happy to give a smile to your children and to show them that there are good people who care and will help you with your needs. We are happy to be here for you and we hope that this new furniture will be the beginning of a new future." Dana appreciated the furniture very much. After waiting so many years for something as simple as a bed, finally receiving that gift gave her hope. "I thought we would never get new beds! This shows me that anything is possible. Thank you."