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A Home Restored

Shlomo, an Ethiopian Jew, had lived happily in Israel with his family for eight years when tragedy struck. “I remember smelling smoke in my sleep,” he says. “I woke my wife and children in a hurry and took them out of our burning house.”

A faulty fuse had started the fire that nearly claimed the lives of Shlomo and his family. They were grateful to be alive, but all their possessions were destroyed, and their house severely damaged. It was a devastating blow. The family had come to Israel with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and Shlomo had worked very hard and carefully saved money to provide a better life for his family.

Shlomo did not know where to turn. But then a friend of the family told their story to an organization funded by The Fellowship’s Guardians of Israel program that deals with families in crisis. A representative spoke to Shlomo and offered to help. The family not only received financial assistance—the organization also enlisted volunteer carpenters and electricians to repair the terrible damages to their house.

It was an answer to their prayers. “I can hardly believe it—I have a healthy wife and children, and our home has been restored,” Shlomo says. “A person walking into our house today would never know there was a fire."

Your gift to Guardians of Israel will help answer the prayers of a poor Israeli like Shlomo with nowhere else to turn. Please give today - and turn despair into hope for a person in need.