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A Blessed Story of Hope

“I’m sorry!” Svitlana said as she took a tissue to wipe her tears, “I rarely talk about my years in Chechnya.”

Svitlana told us about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, the poverty and hunger which embittered their lives, and the horrific anti-Semitism she experienced as a young child.

For her own safety, she had to stop going to school in first grade.

When Svitlana was 15 she moved to Israel with her mother and sister, and later married and had a family of her own.

Sadly, today Svitlana’s husband is too ill to work. And despite working days and nights, she simply cannot earn nearly enough to provide even the most basic of necessities for her children and husband.

“I had to use my money to pay the bills, otherwise we would have no water or electricity, but what about groceries?” she said. “My children are hungry, who is going to feed them?”

But through the faithful and compassionate gifts of Fellowship friends, Svitlana’s prayers were answered. “I feel blessed that The Fellowship is here in Israel to help people like me who are struggling to get by,” she says.

Today, this precious family has been blessed and no longer goes to bed hungry.

Watch this video of people like Svitlana.

With your gift of love and compassion today, The Fellowship will immediately respond to impoverished Jewish families like Svitlana’s with food, clothing, and other basic needs to ease their daily struggle.