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Guardians of Israel

Leah: "Where Would I Be Without You?"

Leah, a 74-year-old widow who lives in the northern Israel city of Yokneam, was born in Morocco. Leah, her late husband and their five children came to Israel in 1963. "My husband, who died 10...

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Forced to Choose Between Hunger and Homelessness

Edna is blind, trapped in despair, and living her last days in painful loneliness in her tiny apartment near the Gaza border. When Fellowship workers delivered a food box to her, they made a...

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A Very Special Reason for Celebrating Israel's Independence

On April 16th, Israel celebrated her sixty-fifth anniversary of her independence. One person who has a special reason to celebrate is Bracha.

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The Fellowship Crisis Hotline received a thank you from a mother of five to whom the Hotline provided assistance

Her Heartfelt Gratitude for You

We cannot find better words than Karin’s to express just how much your prayers and gifts change lives. Karin sent a heartfelt note of thanks and a beautiful blessing you must read.

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Protecting Israel's Most Vulnerable Citizens

With continued rocket fire from Gaza endangering much of southern Israel, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein made an emergency trip to the region to express The Fellowship's support and solidarity and...

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You've Made a Lifesaving Difference!

Thanks to friends like you, our Helping Hands Campaign has helped provide impoverished people in Israel with lifesaving essentials. We are truly grateful that so many people stepped forward to...

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Provide Comfort and Hope to the Most Vulnerable

The statistics are staggering: Poverty impacts nearly one in three children in Israel. Thousands of elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU) must make an impossible choice: pay for their...

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HP Story Grenas Plight

Grena's Plight

Imagine being trapped inside your home for over a year and a half—with no hope and no help. This was Grena's plight.

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Lena, elderly woman, praying hands, floral brown and red scarf, hands folded beneath her chin, sitting next to window with curtain.

Israel's Elderly Need Our Help!

Israel has faced more and more blatant attacks upon her innocent people. Knowing how vulnerable the elderly population is during times of crisis and terror, you can help provide the most...

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A Soldier’s Story

When the soldiers see the Fellowship hospitality vehicle winding down the dirt road, their faces light up like kids who have just heard the sound of an ice cream truck on a hot summer...

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Elderly woman wearing a headscarf sitting next to a red basket of food

Blessings Needed Quickly

With the High Holy Days beginning next month, please share in meeting this significant need of caring for the elderly in need around the world.

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Israelis taking shelter today in an emergency concrete shelter on the Israel-Gaza border as terrorist missiles rain down around them.

Relying on Faith

Mommy, my heart is small and my fear is huge. My heart can’t contain it. I can’t go on anymore.” These were the words of a child in southern Israel to her...

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Show Your Support For Israel With Your Flag Pin

Support Israel With Your Flag Pin

You can proudly show your support and solidarity for Israel as she stands at the forefront of faith, freedom, and democracy. Request your US-Israel Flag Pin with your gift today.

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The most vulnerable people of Israel struggle every single day just to survive, let alone during a terror attack or crisis. In these uncertain times in Israel, the Jewish people need to know they are not forgotten!

We Got There Just In Time

The most vulnerable people of Israel struggle every single day just to survive, let alone during a terror attack or crisis. In these uncertain times in Israel, the Jewish people need to know...

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Providing Comfort to the Brave Defenders of Israel

From a young age, when people would ask Dror what he aspired to be, he would immediately answer "a soldier in the Israeli army that protects God's Promised Land."

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