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You Can Help Thousands Suffering in Israel

“They bombed everything. I remember the fires, and I remember the smell.”

Lida was five years old when the Nazis invaded her small town in the former Soviet Union. “I remember the warplanes flying back and forth overhead,” she continued. “At first, my grandmother and grandfather thought the ground soldiers would not hurt older people or children.”

But when Lida’s aunt was murdered early in the attack, her family knew they had to run. “All I can say is that God helped us,” she exclaimed.

After fleeing, Lida remembers enduring the bitter cold of her family’s makeshift home, and facing the daily challenge of finding food, all while fighting back the fear and harsh memories of witnessing murder.

Tragically, Lida is not alone. Even today, there are thousands of Holocaust survivors suffering in Israel.

That is why The Fellowship has created the With Dignity and Fellowship outreach effort that is focused on caring for elderly Jews who have nowhere else to turn for help.

With your gift of love and compassion today, impoverished elderly Jews like Lida will receive food, medicines, and the care needed to assist them in their daily lives. Your gift will do so much more than just feed the hungry – you will be giving the gift of dignity and love to those who have suffered far too much already.