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The Tragic Reality of Israel’s Elderly

It is a harsh reality that more than 200,000 elderly Jews in the Holy Land lack the financial ability to meet their basic needs.

They face the pain and indignity of not having enough food, medicine, and other simple necessities. And many of these precious souls struggle with deep loneliness, feeling forgotten by the world – even though many miraculously survived the incredible horrors of the Holocaust.

This suffering takes an enormous toll over the years, leaving them fearful of what the next day will bring.

To meet the immediate needs of so many, and to fill the significant gap in Israel’s ability to care for her poorest citizens, The Fellowship is stepping out in faith to be a lifesaving safety net for impoverished Jews.

With Dignity and Fellowship is a compassionate outreach that friends like you make possible through The Fellowship. This critical effort provides:

  • Food through local stores, personal care, and meals-on-wheels for shut-ins
  • Medicines, medical equipment, transportation to clinics and hospitals
  • Companionship through regular home visits by loving volunteers

The Scriptures remind us, “The LORD lifts up those who are bowed down … and sustains … the widow” (Psalm 146:8-9).

For just $9.19 a day, you can provide food and medicine, and help alleviate the loneliness and suffering of elderly Jews in the Holy Land, giving them hope and dignity.

Your faithful gift will be quickly used to reach the most vulnerable, and be a strong declaration to Israel and the Jewish people: “You are not alone – we stand with you!”