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Lifesaving Blessings for Holocaust Survivors

“My husband passed away” explains Malka, an 84-year-old Holocaust survivor who is completely alone.

Without anyone to help her, Malka tries to survive on a meager monthly stipend that cannot come close to covering her daily needs.

“I have no money to pay for doctors,” she says.

Normally, Malka would have to suffer alone, without medical care. But thanks to the lifesaving generosity of Fellowship friends, Malka recently received an emergency panic bracelet with a distress button that is connected to The Fellowship’s Hotline for Holocaust Survivors.

At any time, she can press the button and immediately be connected with a Fellowship team member who can coordinate medical care, at no cost to Malka. She looks at her emergency distress bracelet and says, “This is my family. You’ve given me peace of mind. May God bless you all with health and happiness.”

Your gift to The Fellowship is what makes it possible for elderly Jews to receive this lifesaving care. These bracelets provide peace of mind and restored dignity to aging Holocaust survivors who have suffered far too much already.

There are currently more than 3,000 requests remaining for the emergency panic button bracelets. And that is why we ask you to join with us in this sacred calling of caring for impoverished elderly Jews.