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A Meaningful Way to Stand for Israel!

Caring for the poorest and most vulnerable of Israel’s people is a very meaningful and tangible way you can join us to “Stand for Israel,” as thousands do not have the help they need to survive daily.

Many of Israel’s elderly and families benefit from food deliveries. The Fellowship also supports more than 30 soup kitchens where people of all ages come to eat their best, if not their only meal of the day.

Please watch this brief video about the soup kitchens we support.

We do not know of another place where even the smallest gift can make such a huge difference. For just $2.50 a day you can feed a grandmother struggling to survive on a small pension, or a young mother and her little ones.

Please open your heart to the hungry with a gift of $75, just $2.50 a day, to provide food and other necessities for vulnerable Jewish elderly and families in need.