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Stories From Those You Help

Elderly woman bent over, picking up bread food from pile of garbage trash.

Turn to Israel as Others Turn Away

We’ve been so heartened to read your responses to our recent survey. You’ve made it clear that your support of Israel is built on a rock-solid foundation. You’re inspired by...

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Yael with elderly woman, wearing a brown scarf and a red jack, holding hands

Thankful for You

We know you are a friend of Israel. And we’d like to hear your thoughts and concerns about the greatest issues facing Israel today, why you support Israel, and how you have been blessed by...

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wounded male soldier on stretcher, covering face with Israeli flag, at the hospital

Innocent and in Grave Danger

Our hearts are burdened and overcome with grief as we witness more and more anti-Semitism, violence, and horrific terrorist attacks. Cities and places once believed safe are increasingly more...

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July - Vital Medicines

As elderly Jews age, the financial burden of buying medicine forces them to make impossible decisions. They simply don’t have enough to pay for all of their basic essentials. Tanya makes a...

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Bed bound Elderly woman, Holocaust Survivor, laying in bed sick wearing a brown blanket and a blue sweater

They Must Not Be Forgotten

Today, tens of thousands of elderly Holocaust survivors are crying out for help.  These scared and fragile souls throughout the former Soviet Union are living out the remaining days of...

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Yael Eckstein visiting elderly woman, wearing a red sweater, sitting on leather couch, green blanket

Will This Nightmare End?

There is a tragic and unimaginable epidemic exploding across Israel. All across Israel, thousands of Jewish women are suffering under the unthinkable horror of abuse. The hands of those who...

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adult woman crying, wearing a black beanie and looking off camera

Because Their Lives Are In Danger

Because of the compassionate support of friends like you, The Fellowship serves hundreds of thousands of needy and impoverished Jews in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and around the...

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elderly woman, blue floral dress, white hair, standing in doorway

Your Compassion Changed Rivka’s Life

Rivka burst into tears when volunteers from The Fellowship arrived at her home. We learned later that she was recently widowed and has no other family.

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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein holds a spoon of apple sauce feeding a toddler named Sophia.

June - Care for Orphans

The problem of orphaned and abandoned children in the former Soviet Union is heartbreaking. Thousands live on the streets with no one to care for them. Thanks to our ministry partners, The...

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Young girl, red hair, blue eyes and blue sweater

Saving Rita’s Life

Rita was just six years old when we met her, dressed in rags and rummaging through trash cans for scraps of food. Her parents could not care for her…tiny and vulnerable as she was, she...

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IDF soldiers marching with Israeli flag, orange and green flag, stretcher

Why Is This Week Extraordinary?

This week during Yom Yerushalayim—Jerusalem Day—we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the day Israeli troops recaptured Jerusalem and the Western Wall, reuniting...

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Elderly man sitting in wheelchair, IDF veteran, smiling, holding a blanket

You Can Change More Lives

Yitzhak stood tall and brave for his country, serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and protecting his country and her people from the terror that surrounds them on all sides.

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Elderly woman crying, holding hands to face, brown head scarf wrap

Time Is Running Out

War, terror, intense hatred, and vicious anti-Semitism are everyday threats to thousands of Jewish families, children, and elderly—many of whom are Holocaust survivors—solely because...

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May - Helping Holocaust Survivors

Seventy-five years ago, much of the world stood by as millions of Jews fell victim to Nazi hatred. A lifetime later, Holocaust survivors like Maria are living in abject poverty, rationing food...

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elderly couple, black and dark gray sweaters, holding cane and tissues

Seeking a Safe Space

At 71, Ludmilla and Alexander should be enjoying the relaxed, simple life of retirement. Instead, the war in Ukraine arrived on their doorstep.

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