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Stories From Those You Help

Elderly man looking off camera

There Is Very Little Time to Help

There is still time to help before the High Holy Days. Many elderly and impoverished Jews are waiting for their food box to be delivered – and more and more...

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Elderly woman wearing a headscarf sitting next to a red basket of food

Blessings Needed Quickly

The High Holy Days begin at sundown on September 20th. This gives us just a short time to get special food packages into the hands of 250,000 elderly, poverty-stricken Jews – including...

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September - High Holy Days Provisions

The most sacred time of the Jewish year begins with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and continues through Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Sadly, many families and elderly...

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Elderly woman hands crossed on table, wearing glasses and a plaid shirt

The Most Sacred Days Are Near

Jews all over the world are preparing to observe the High Holy Days. Together with you, The Fellowship is committed to providing 250,000 impoverished Jews in Israel and the former...

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young boy lying in hospital bed, cast on arm, bandages on head, wounded, injured

Yosef Deserves a Bright Future

Israel relies on the added help of your prayers for peace and protection as she battles enemies determined to wipe her off the face of the earth.  

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Elderly woman wearing glasses with hands clasped praying

We Want to Pray for You!

We know beyond all doubt that God has sustained The Fellowship through your prayers, allowing us to care for the most vulnerable and needy Jews among us. There are thousands of Jews who...

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hp fundraising story, western wall

Your Prayer at the Western Wall

In the Scriptures, the shofar, or ram’s horn, was blown as Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. Today, we sound the shofar for you as an invitation...

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August - Emergency Assistance

Sudden illness, loss of jobs, and terrorist attacks have thrown countless families into despair. Hundreds of thousands must turn to The Fellowship for help in times of emergency because...

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Screenshot from Yael's 12 Day Challenge Video, Yael speaking in front of the camera, wearing a brown sweater, smiling

Join Us on This Incredible Journey!

For the next several days, we invite you to come on a journey to tap into God’s promise through Yael’s Genesis 12-Day Challenge.

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elderly woman sitting in chair, crying, gray and brown shirt and pants, hand covering face

Your Compassion Can Reach the Most Vulnerable

By becoming a Friend of The Fellowship you can help provide the most basic necessities to the most vulnerable among the Jewish people.

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Elderly woman bent over, picking up bread food from pile of garbage trash.

Turn to Israel as Others Turn Away

We’ve been so heartened to read your responses to our recent survey. You’ve made it clear that your support of Israel is built on a rock-solid foundation. You’re inspired by...

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Yael with elderly woman, wearing a brown scarf and a red jack, holding hands

Thankful for You

We know you are a friend of Israel. And we’d like to hear your thoughts and concerns about the greatest issues facing Israel today, why you support Israel, and how you have been blessed by...

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wounded male soldier on stretcher, covering face with Israeli flag, at the hospital

Innocent and in Grave Danger

Our hearts are burdened and overcome with grief as we witness more and more anti-Semitism, violence, and horrific terrorist attacks. Cities and places once believed safe are increasingly more...

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July - Vital Medicines

As elderly Jews age, the financial burden of buying medicine forces them to make impossible decisions. They simply don’t have enough to pay for all of their basic essentials. Tanya makes a...

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Bed bound Elderly woman, Holocaust Survivor, laying in bed sick wearing a brown blanket and a blue sweater

They Must Not Be Forgotten

Today, tens of thousands of elderly Holocaust survivors are crying out for help.  These scared and fragile souls throughout the former Soviet Union are living out the remaining days of...

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