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Paulina, an elderly lady, stands in the doorway of her home.

January - Winter Care

Winter is a difficult season for many elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union and Israel. Paulina is one of the thousands of Holocaust survivors living on meager government pensions and...

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Elderly men sit at a group dinner table passing food to one another.

February - Lifesaving Meals

Painful hunger is a reality for thousands of elderly, families, and children who face extreme poverty. Fellowship-funded soup kitchens are a godsend for struggling Jews like Slava....

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March - Prophetic Rescue

Jewish families around the world are desperate to escape from anti-Semitism and poverty and build a new life in their biblical homeland. Lev and his family were recently welcomed home to Israel...

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fundraising story, Passover

April - Passover Provisions

Passover is one of the most important holidays of the Jewish year. Yet, for thousands of impoverished, suffering Jews who are forced to eat morsels each day, buying the special foods needed to...

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Yael covering elderly man up in a blanket

Life-Threatening Desperation

Shlomo and Simona have vivid memories of the Holocaust and always being hungry as children in the Jewish ghetto. Now late in their seventies, the horrific images from their young lives in Latvia...

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RYE praying at the Western Wall

Israel Under Political Attack

Israel is under attack by the United Nations! Now more than ever Christians and Jews must stand together and help protect Israel and the Jewish people.

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RYE Yechiel Eckstein with elderly woman in wheelchair, shawl wrapped around head

Are You a Watchman over Israel?

The peril facing Israel seems greater today than ever before, as nations and rogue regimes continue to seek her demise and question her right to exist! That is why Israel needs more "Watchmen"...

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Elderly woman Sitting on a couch with two children, wearing a white beanie and a green coat

A Small Gift Makes a World of Difference

“I still cry at night when I think about my family and what happened to them,” Mazalit says. She was only seven years old as WWII wreaked havoc across Europe.

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young toddler girl (Zhenja Lemeshkin), sad, struggle

Will You Be an Angel of Hope Today?

We met 7-year-old David and his 2-month-old baby sister, Angelina, at a Fellowship-supported orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine. Their mother suffers from a debilitating mental illness,...

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Yael holding hands with Elderly Woman wearing a brown scarf and a red jacket

Let Us Answer the Call to Stand for Israel!

We believe we must answer our collective spiritual calling (Genesis 12:3) to bless Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people, by giving generously. And in return, God promises His...

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Elderly Man Sitting on Front Steps, hand buried in his head, wearing a brown sweater

Isaiah 58 Fast: A Help to Suffering Jews

In Isaiah 58:6, God Himself asked, “Is this not the kind of fasting I have chosen …” Then He revealed to us the elements of the fast that is pleasing to Him (v. 7):...

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Elderly woman in a wheelchair holding Israeli flag, wearing a green towel, arriving off a freedom flight

Help Get Them Home

Our Jewish brothers and sisters are in CRISIS. Homes and businesses are being vandalized, and areas of eastern Ukraine are burned to the ground. Elderly Holocaust survivors are being threatened...

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fundraising video story, Elderly

Making an Impossible Choice

Every day, Katerina is forced to make an impossible decision. Living in severe poverty, Katerina cannot survive on her meager pension. As a result, she must make the heart-wrenching choice to...

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Choosing Food or Heat to Survive

Imagine having no food and only surviving on warm water, oil, salt, and sugar. Think of what your life would be like if you had to ration food during spring and summer so that you could afford...

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Elderly woman, Emma, looking off camera wearing a yellow floral shirt

The Gift of Life

Emma has known significant and ongoing hardship throughout her 69 years. Her husband passed away when he was only 27, forcing her to raise their two young daughters on her own. Then one of her...

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