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Two young boys from the Holocaust sitting next to each other, wearing the Star of David

Will You Help Arthur?

"All Jews had to wear the Yellow Star," Arthur recalled with a faraway look in his eyes. "Jews were also not allowed to enter supermarkets, bakeries, or butcher stores until after 10 o'clock in...

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Help for a Jerusalem Mom

How would you feel if you could not afford basic food for your children? That is the struggle Shula fights alone every day. She tries as best she can to take care of her four young children. She...

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Elderly man looking off camera

There Is Very Little Time to Help

There is still time to help before the High Holy Days end, there are still many elderly and impoverished Jews waiting for their food box to be delivered – and more and more requests are...

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Elderly woman standing by a white door wearing a blue headscarf

“Sweet Honey Has Been Spilled on My Soul”

Larisa dedicated her entire life to caring for her aging husband and son who suffered from severe mental illness. Sadly, over the last 8 years Larisa has lost both husband and son and now lives...

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Elderly woman wearing a headscarf sitting next to a red basket of food

Blessings Needed Quickly

The High Holy Days begin at sundown on October 2. This gives us just a short time to get special food packages into the hands of 250,000 elderly, poverty-stricken Jews – including...

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story image HHD, elderly man

Your High Holy Days Blessing

Being a blessing to the most vulnerable among God’s people is why we have committed to reaching 250,000 impoverished Jews through The Fellowship’s High Holy Days...

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Elderly woman hands crossed on table, wearing glasses and a plaid shirt

The Most Sacred Days Are Near

For the next 30 days, Jews all over the world are preparing to observe the High Holy Days. Together with you, The Fellowship is committed to providing 250,000 impoverished Jews in...

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Yael Eckstein delivering blanket to elderly man wearing kippah and holding hands

Two Are Better Than One

Across the world, it seems every day a new danger is posed to us all—rampant terrorism, multiple nations in conflict, spreading disease, and real threats to our family and jobs.

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Elderly woman wearing glasses with hands clasped praying

We Want to Pray for You!

We know beyond all doubt that God has sustained The Fellowship through your prayers, allowing us to care for the most vulnerable and needy Jews among us. There are thousands of Jews who...

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hp fundraising story, western wall

Your Prayer at the Western Wall

In the Scriptures, the shofar, or ram’s horn, was blown as Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. Today, we sound the shofar for you as an invitation...

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A Blessing Beyond Food

Minna is 82 years old and lives completely alone in a tiny, run-down one-room apartment in the former Soviet Union. Widowed for over 50 years, Minna’s two sisters helped care for her as...

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A Blessed Story of Hope

“I’m sorry!” Svitlana said as she took a tissue to wipe her tears, “I rarely talk about my years in Chechnya.” Svitlana told us about the abuse she suffered at the...

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A Tragic Tale of Poverty

Olga is a 58-year-old Jewish woman living in the former Soviet Union. She and her husband share a severely run-down apartment that is littered with old, broken personal items, and even her...

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The Blessing of Safe Passage

Perhaps never before has there been a time when more Jewish men and women need a Freedom Flight from places of danger. Arab lands, Ukraine, Moldova, and other places around the world...

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hp fundraising story Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Thank you for your prayers and concern for Israel and the tens of thousands of elderly impoverished Jews, including thousands of Holocaust survivors, who struggle every day simply to survive. We...

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