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Stories From Those You Help

mariya elderly holocaust survivor crying during winter in ukraine fsu isaiah 58

For Such a Time as This

Together, we can fulfill God’s mandate to “comfort ye, comfort ye” His people (Isaiah 40:1). Will you answer the call to join our monthly giving family?

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Passover a Sacred Time to Save Lives

Help the "Unseen" of the World

Olga lives in abject poverty and loneliness in a small village in Ukraine, completely hidden from the outside world. She is one of “the least of these” in the world’s...

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HP Story Grenas Plight

Grena's Plight

Imagine being trapped inside your home for over a year and a half—with no hope and no help. This was Grena's plight.

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Provide Hope

It is heartbreaking to see the suffering which the elderly Jewish poor like Chaka are forced to endure. These desperate souls cry out for relief—you can help answer now with your most...

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Lena, elderly woman, praying hands, floral brown and red scarf, hands folded beneath her chin, sitting next to window with curtain.

Israel's Elderly Need Our Help!

Israel has faced more and more blatant attacks upon her innocent people. Knowing how vulnerable the elderly population is during times of crisis and terror, you can help provide the most...

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Elderly woman crying, holding hands to face, brown head scarf wrap

Helping Lives at Risk Make Aliyah

You can rescue an endangered Jewish person from the "four corners of the earth" and bring them to Israel on the next Freedom Flight through your gift today! 

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A Soldier’s Story

When the soldiers see the Fellowship hospitality vehicle winding down the dirt road, their faces light up like kids who have just heard the sound of an ice cream truck on a hot summer...

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As you see Marusia’s sweet smile and laughter, may you will feel the same warmth and joy you brought her through your High Holy Days support.

You can help ensure Marusia and other Jews feel God’s love all year long by making a monthly gift to help provide food and other basic needs on an ongoing basis. Thank you for changing her life.

Yael's Visit With Marusia

Watch and see Marusia’s sweet smile and laughter, and may you feel the same warmth and joy our Fellowship friends brought her through compassionate High Holy Days support.

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woman praying

Reflection and Charity

Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement  is considered the Sabbath of Sabbaths for the Jewish people, which begins at sundown September 18....

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Young Mother holding her son

His Heartbreaking First Words

Poor, innocent Fiodor has seen far too much tragedy in the first two years of his life. Born in a war zone in Ukraine, his mother sadly recalls his first words – “tanks,”...

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Maria and other impoverished Jews like her in the former Soviet Union do not have enough food to live on, let alone the traditional foods to properly celebrate this sacred season of the High Holy Days with dignity.

Listen to Your Heart

Together with you, The Fellowship is committed to providing impoverished Jews in Israel and the former Soviet Union with basic necessities such as food, medical assistance, and heating...

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Elderly woman wearing a headscarf sitting next to a red basket of food

Blessings Needed Quickly

With the High Holy Days beginning next month, please share in meeting this significant need of caring for the elderly in need around the world.

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Israelis taking shelter today in an emergency concrete shelter on the Israel-Gaza border as terrorist missiles rain down around them.

Relying on Faith

Mommy, my heart is small and my fear is huge. My heart can’t contain it. I can’t go on anymore.” These were the words of a child in southern Israel to her...

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Elderly woman bent over, picking up bread food from pile of garbage trash.

Turn to Israel as Others Turn Away

Your support of Israel is built on a rock-solid foundation. You’re inspired by God’s assurance to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you” (Genesis 12:3).

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Yael with elderly woman, wearing a brown scarf and a red jack, holding hands

Thankful for You

We know you are a friend of Israel. And we’d like to hear your thoughts and concerns about the greatest issues facing Israel today, why you support Israel, and how you have been blessed by...

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