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Blessing Israel

Thank you for watching us on TV and coming online to help ease the plight of needy Jews throughout Israel and around the world. The Bible tells us that those who bless Israel and the Jewish people will themselves be blessed (Genesis 12:3) — and it is our prayer that as you offer your assistance to those who have nowhere else to turn, you will see the fulfillment of this biblical promise in your life.

By giving to The Fellowship's lifesaving programs, you are reaching out in a meaningful and tangible way to help the less fortunate and bless Israel.

Now is the Time to Bless Israel


Your donation will help give aliyah to a Jewish person in the former Soviet Union or Ethiopia and bring them home to the Promised Land.


Your donation will help care for orphaned or abandoned Jewish children by providing basic necessities like food and shelter.


Your donation will help provide homeless, destitute Jews in Israel with the food, clothes, medical care, and temporary housing they need to get back on their feet.


Your donation will help provide two Sabbath meals a week for an entire month so an impoverished Jewish person in Israel can have the special foods they need to observe the day with dignity.


Your donation will help provide a much needed box full of essential food staples for an elderly Jewish Holocaust survivor in Israel or the former Soviet Union.