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Above God's Holy City

October 10, 2018

You know why I loved taking a helicopter ride above Jerusalem? Because from up there, there was no division. There was no “East Jerusalem” and “West Jerusalem.” There were no “Muslim neighborhoods” and “Jewish neighborhoods.” And there were no wealthy parts and poor parts of this little city up on a hill.

There was just JERUSALEM. The city which does not belong to us, but only to God. The city which we have been blessed to walk upon.

There was unity. There was peace. There was beauty.

My prayer is that one day soon we will see this reality ON the ground and not just above it.

Yael Eckstein with Pastor Boyd Bingham

Your People Are My People

Yael looks back on a favorite experience from 2018 — a heartwarming trip to America where she experienced true fellowship with both the Christian and Jewish communities.

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Yael Eckstein from Hanukkah Facebook Live, December 2018

Sharing God's Miracles

As we enter this miraculous season, Yael talks about the importance of publicizing the miracles God has done, telling of one she experienced this Hanukkah, and asking us to share their own.

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Yael Eckstein at Western Wall

Grateful and Blessed

Yael asks us to remember that we belong to a larger family — God's family — and to praise Him for the blessing of fellowship between Christians and Jews.

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Rocket attack

Israel Needs Us Now!

As terrorists launched 400 rockets at Israel, Yael's heart broke for the people of Israel. But she also took comfort in the things we can do to help them.

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