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The Grace of God

Revi, a terror victim in Israel helped by IFCJ, holds up check (Photo: IFCJ)

While dozens of Israelis have been killed by terrorists since this fall, many more have found their lives shattered because of injuries suffered in terror attacks. The Jerusalem Post's Benjamin Glatt writes about one of these victims, and how she - and many others - have been helped by IFCJ and its faithful friends:

"It didn’t matter whether I continue or I turn back, I thought to myself. It was all over,” Rivi Lev-Ohayon recalls, her voice still trembling.

October 7 started as a regular day for the 38-year-old lawyer, whose office in Jerusalem is a short drive from her home settlement of Tekoa in the Judean Mountains. The mother of three left her house at 8:30 in the morning, driving past the colossal Herodian palace and small Palestinian villages, as she does every day, and was set to enter the capital any moment.

On Road 398, just as she reached the Beit Sahour checkpoint, however, she was ambushed by more than 10 Palestinian terrorists with large rocks in their hands, who began throwing them at Lev-Ohayon’s car, shattering the windows. They had their faces completely covered with their ultra-nationalistic keffiyehs. Only the murder in their eyes could be seen.

“They had waited for a car right after there was a bend in the road, so I couldn’t see them ahead of time,” she says. “I hesitated for a second, thinking that if I continue they’ll stop me, so I decided to try to turn around and go back to my settlement.”

But escaping the mob wasn’t so easy. Lev-Ohayon started to do a U-turn, but the terrorists jumped on her car, breaking the driver’s-seat window and attacking her, simultaneously opening up the door, pulling her out of the vehicle and beating her. “I thought they were going to kill me. I thought I was going to die.”

Powerless in face of the mob, Lev-Ohayon, almost completely dragged out of the car could do nothing more to protect herself. “They kept kicking and beating me, and then all of sudden I heard someone scream “khalas,” (Arabic, and Hebrew slang, for “enough”). He wasn’t part of the mob. It was just someone who happened to be passing by..."

A neighbor told Lev-Ohayon about an organization that not only shared in her pain, but was also willing to help her financially in recovering psychologically from the attack...

The IFCJ, which has given more than 70 grants of NIS 4,000 each, said the emergency aid was prompted by an outpouring of support from Christians across the United States. The aid will allow families victimized in the latest stabbings, shootings and assaults by vehicles to pay for hospital transportation, therapists, psychologists, other medical care, and lost workdays.

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