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The Battle for Palestinian Succession

Hamas and Fatah flags on Palestinian tents (Photo: flickr/[email protected])

The two ruling Palestinian parties - Hamas and the Palestinian Authority - continue to quarrel over who will control the West Bank. But, writes Gatestone Institute's Khaled Abu Toameh, it doesn't make much difference, as both are dictatorships bent on destruction and disaster:

For now, it seems that there is no shortage of Palestinians who consider themselves "natural" and "worthy" successors to Abbas, who recently celebrated the 11th year of his four-year-term in office.

Abbas's refusal to appoint a vice president, choose a possible successor, or share power, as well as his insistence on managing the PA as a one-man show, has left the door wide open for speculation as to what will happen the day he is gone.

Some Palestinians expect a smooth transition of power, while many fear that the "battle for succession" will lead to anarchy and violence...

Once again, the Palestinians will be the big losers. No one is going to ask their opinion about the next president and they will not be given the opportunity to cast their ballots in a presidential election.

Fatah's Central Committee in the West Bank brings to mind the Politburo of a Communist Party, which made decisions on behalf of the people, though not with their best interests in mind. In the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians will continue to be ruled by Hamas, an Islamist movement that has brought nothing but destruction and disaster to Palestinians.

So, in the end, the question of Abbas's successor is rather unimportant. The Palestinians will continue to be ruled by dictatorships that do not give a damn about their people.

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