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The America I Remember Has Undergone a Facelift

Israeli and American Flags (Photo: wikicommons/ James Emery)

Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein recently traveled to the U.S. from Israel. Writing at The Jerusalem Post, Yael writes of the change in American feelings toward the Jewish state that she witnessed, and of Israel's continued need for U.S. support:

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I didn’t ask friends if they were pro-Israel. It was a given.

Nearly every American who valued life, liberty, and freedom stood with Israel. Why? It was simple: because Israel is America’s greatest ally, and the only country in the Middle East that stands for the principles of democracy and justice that are too rare in the region.

But times have changed. The world has gotten more complicated – and more confused.

When I was growing up, the world still remembered that Israel offered citizenship to Arabs who stayed in the country after Israel’s war for independence, despite the calls from so many Arab leaders to evacuate and then return when Israel had been destroyed.

When I was young, citizens across America recognized that Israel had won difficult wars through strategy and miracles, never emulating our enemies’ despicable tactics of mass killings, random attacks against innocent civilians, or widespread campaigns of lies.

In the America I was raised in, Israel was a shining light unto the nations, confirmation to the world that “the good guys” ultimately win. The State of Israel was a stark reminder that God is very much alive in this crazy and unpredictable world, and that His promise to Israel made so many years ago in biblical times still stands.

Yet visiting America for six weeks this summer, it became clear to me that the America I remember has undergone a face-lift...

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