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Ten False Assumptions About Israel

Israeli flag at the Kotel (Western Wall) (Photo: flickr/leahl)

While many of us stand for Israel, it is so often disheartening to see the rest of the world go against the Jewish state. And so much of the international anti-Israel sentiment we witness comes about because of misinformation and falsities. Writing at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Ambassador Alan Baker lays out (and then debunks) ten false assumptions about Israel, its government, and its people:

1. “Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank territories (Judea and Samaria) will provide Israel with security and international acceptance.” Wrong.

  • Prior to Israel’s entry into the territories in the 1967 war, the Arab states made every effort to attack and weaken Israel militarily and diplomatically.
  • The Arab and Iranian attempts today to challenge Jewish history in the Biblical land of Israel and in Jerusalem and the legitimacy of the State of Israel as a Jewish state still resonate in the international community, most recently in UNESCO.
  • The Palestinians are committed to eventually establishing their state over all of mandatory Palestine and they indoctrinate their children this way.
  • The most recent, absurd initiative by the Palestinian leadership to prosecute Britain for issuing the 1917 Balfour Declaration proves the deeply-rooted Palestinian rejection of the existence of Israel.
  • From Israel’s establishment in 1948 and up to present day, Israel has been, and continues to be the only UN member state denied its UN Charter-guaranteed right of “sovereign equality.”
  • Clearly, withdrawal from the territories now under these conditions would threaten Israel’s security...

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