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Palestinians Insulting Religious Minorities

Samaritan Passover (Photo: flickr/Flavio)

While the Palestinians continue their attacks on Jews in the Holy Land, they also treat other religious minorities poorly. Gatestone Institute's Khaled Abu Toameh writes about Palestinian campaigns against Jews, Christians, and Samaritans:

During the past few years, Palestinian political activists, including many belonging to Abbas's Fatah faction, have been waging a fierce campaign against meetings between Jews and Arabs.

Showing their true colors, the activists do not hesitate to attack even Jews who are supportive of the Palestinians. In one incident last year, Fatah activists foiled a joint Palestinian-Israeli event called Jerusalem Hug near the Old City's Damascus Gate. Thugs assaulted people indiscriminately, including film crews, European activists and even Palestinian participants. Needless to say, none of the Jewish participants in this "peaceful" event was a Jewish settler.

The Samaritan incident reveals as well how the Palestinian Authority treats religious minorities in the Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian Authority has already "punished" the Samaritans by passing a law that cancels the only seat the community has in the Palestinian parliament, the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). The only Samaritan member of parliament, Saloum Cohen, was elected in 1996. He died in 2004. Since then the community has had no representation in the PLC.

Earlier this month, Palestinian Christians accused the Palestinian Authority and Hamas of working toward erasing Christian history. The allegations came after the discovery of an ancient Byzantine church in Gaza City. Despite the important historical discovery, bulldozers were used to destroy the church artifacts in order to build a shopping mall on the site...

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