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Michael Douglas Stands for Israel

With our celebrity-obsessed society often so apt to go along with what the rich and famous say, it is disheartening when so many celebrities show themselves to be anti-Israel. Yet, Arutz Sheva’s Jack Engelhard writes that Michael Douglas does not follow the pattern, instead standing for the Jewish state:

Michael Douglas, in Israel to receive the Genesis Prize, needs no introduction. He is big enough and famous enough to take care of himself.

But something happened. Not to him, but to his son, Dylan, and that’s when it really hurts.

Somewhere in Europe, as Douglas described it for the LA Times, 14-year-old Dylan came crying to his father about a verbal attack that took place at a swimming pool. A man took note of Dylan’s Star of David and proceeded to launch an anti-Semitic tirade.

Imagine the pain. This happened last summer and still today, Douglas is worked up with indignation.

He says something must be done about anti-Semitism. Agreed…

…we need voices exactly like that, like those of the Hollywood rich and famous, people like Michael Douglas, to speak up, yes, to denounce anti-Semitism – but it is not enough to be against something. That gets you nowhere. More important is to be FOR something, and to be for Israel would be a good place to start.

Immediately another Douglas comes to mind – Kirk Douglas, Michael’s dad. If any Hollywood actor needs no introduction, this is the man, and what a man. Thank goodness we still have him with us at 98 years old. He is the final link to Hollywood’s Golden Age – and he is a Zionist…

In America, pop culture IS culture, and when Israel can find only one or two friends within the Hollywood elite, somebody else must step up.

Let it be Michael Douglas.

Or let it be David Mamet. This Pulitzer Prize winner is our foremost playwright and a top-notch screenwriter. One day he decided that enough was enough. He quit toying with the façade of being “a brain-dead Liberal” and announced himself squarely as a Conservative and staunchly on the side of Israel.

He lost friends. You should have heard the geshrei in The New York Times.

Nobody said it would be easy. These are tough days and tough times to be Jewish, and it’s even tougher to be pro-Israel.

We can’t wait for an end to anti-Semitism. This will always be with us. But for a start to reinvigorate Jewish pride, Jewish muscle, there is only this…

Love of Zion.

Let’s hear it expressed resolutely from voices that count – while we still have a voice. Yes, before it’s too late.

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