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Stand for Israel Blog

Israeli officers next to destroyed Egyptian MiG-21, Six-Day War, 1967

Soundtrack to Victory

Fifty years after the Six-Day War, Israel has released communications recordings of the crucial and winning airstrikes.

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Hamas terrorists pose with rocket launchers

Further Radicalizing the Palestinians

The United Nations' and United States' recent actions have only encouraged the Palestinians to continue their campaign against Israel, while still denying the Jewish state's right to exist.

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A New Strategy for Israeli Victory

Dr. Daniel Pipes suggests a new path to peace for Israel, one that not only focuses on the Jewish state's history and toughness, but would inspire greater American support.

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Iron Dome firing a missile

Lessons of the Next Missile War

While it may seem that Israel's enemies have more to lose than they do to gain by starting a new war with the Jewish state, they also may now have enough missiles to overwhelm Israeli defenses.

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