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Stand for Israel Blog - Idf

Smoke on Gaza border, April 6, 2018

Into the Black Smoke

As Palestinians burn 10,000 tires today on the Gaza border, the IDF is using giant fans to disperse the smoke being created by the fires.

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IDF soldiers celebrate Passover with matzah

Passover on the Border

The brave men and women of the IDF on Israel's southern border were able to celebrate the Passover seder even as they protected the Jewish state and her people.

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IDF prep for Hamas-orchestrated march Passover 2018

IDF: We Won’t Allow Hamas to Disrupt Passover

Passover begins Friday at sundown – and, faced with the threat of a Hamas-organized march on the Gaza border the same day, Israel is taking every possible measure to ensure that Israelis can celebrate the holiday in peace.

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