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In Love with Israel: Couple Makes Aliyah on Fellowship Freedom Flight

Olim (Arifa and Assad Farajov) on Freedom Flight from Azerbaijan, July 10, 2016 (Photo: Ofer Meir)

The Fellowship and its faithful supporters continue to provide help to Jews around the world as they seek to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel). Yediot Achronot's Omri Efraim reports on a couple from Azerbaijan who came to the Holy Land aboard a Freedom Flight this weekend, looking for the freedom and safety that the Jewish state offers:

The couple Arifa and Assad Farajov immigrated to Israel on Sunday from Azerbaijan and began looking for an apartment in Bat Yam for their children and grandchildren, who will join them in August. This seemingly typical story of a family choosing to move their lives to Israel has an unusual detail: The wife is Jewish, and her husband is Muslim.

Arifa, 58, said to Ynet, "Most of my extended family is here; we've been wanting to come to Israel for a while. We love the country and it's important to us to come here, also because of our grown children's decision to build their lives here." In Azerbaijan, Arifa was a senior lecturer on Russian literature. She added, "We're very excited, despite the exhaustion. The reception has been very warn, and everything is very organized and nice."

The couple, who immigrated with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), raised their three children in a strongly Muslim-majority country...

Arifa has already visited Israel many times, but this is the first time for her 62-year-old husband. Said Assad, "I've fallen in love with Israel. Back in Baku, there are a lot of Jews, and I've already learned Hebrew words like 'ma nishma' and 'hakol beseder.' People here are great, and from the moment that we landed, they've received us very nicely. Conflicts been Jews and Muslims don't scare us. I was a soldier for many years, and when I stopped being a combat soldier, I became a military judge to punish the same terrorists..."

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