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IDF's Female Paramedics Treating Syria's Wounded

Female IDF paramedic (Photo: flickr/IDF)

Israel is the Middle East's only democracy, a place of freedom for those of all backgrounds and faiths. This principal is also one shared by the IDF, writes Yediot Achronot's Ahiyah Raved, in a story of two female paramedics who treat the wounded on the Israel-Syria border and who say, "I wasn't trained to treat Israelis, Jews, or Syrians. I was trained to treat people":

Sgt. Rotem Einav is a paramedic who has been with the 474 brigade on the Golan Heights for the past five months with the IDF Medical Corps. In that time, she has treated over 100 Syrians injured in the Syrian Civil War.

The IDF Medical Corps are the ones who come to the border to give these wounded Syrians first aid, many times saving their lives. They are then put on an ambulance and sent to one of the hospitals in Israel...

She spoke about one instance where "there was an event which resulted in multiple injuries. One of the injured was in really bad shape. The medic dealing with them told me that he couldn't find a pulse on one of the men. The injury itself was really black and blue because of burns amongst other things. He arrived unconscious, and was on a respirator with a bunch of tubes coming out of his body from previous treatment (in Syria- ed). I looked for a pulse, and after some probing I managed to find it. I yelled out 'we have a pulse!' We began artificial respiration, gave him oxygen, medicine, and all of a sudden we saw that the injury's color began to change. It's really incredible to see the changes you can make, especially on a trauma injury."

These daily encounters with the injured, who under different circumstances might have been enemies of Israel, isn't a problem for Sgt. Einav. For her, it's quite the opposite.

"I wasn't trained to treat Israelis, Jews, or Syrians. I was trained to treat people. If I see someone who needs help, someone who is in distress, my moral obligation is to help them. I don’t even think about it. I see these people who are injured when they go back to Syria. It gives me the opportunity to see how they've changed medically. We see that they also understand, that they know – and they also appreciate it. It's really heartwarming."

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