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I Can't Forget

Shlomo Kroizer, IDF Soldier

In life, we cannot fully know the stories of those we pass on the street or in the supermarket aisles - the losses they have experienced or the trials they have faced. This moving poem - shared with us by Hagay Kroizer, a professional Israeli model from an ultra-Orthodox home - reminds us that in Israel, many people carry pain and loss with them each day. And many of these people are those you'd never imagine.

I remember the day he died.
It was already the evening, almost night when I arrived home.
The same house that was almost empty all week was packed to the brim with people-
on the porch, in the entryway, the kitchen, the living room.
And on all of their faces was the same expression- as if it were the end of the world.

I remember when dad told me he was dead, even though it was already obvious.
At that moment I didn't cry, I didn't scream like they do in the movies.
I couldn't even talk.
I sat down on the couch, and I wanted it to swallow me up.
I wanted this whole terrible universe, to get swallowed up by the couch with me.

I remember when I saw his dead body.
We rode in the car, together with the Burial Society together to the cemetery.
In the car, my feet almost touched his.
And I tried, without success, to imagine what he looked like under the Talit the he was wrapped up in.

I can't forget
The sound of a mother's weeping as she buries her son.
I can't forget
How it feels to wake up for the first day of the shiva.
I can't forget
How it feels to look at a picture of a man who until yesterday, you could hug.

Every day, every year I remember and can't forget.
Even if sometimes I want to because it hurts too much.
Every year I wish that I will be the last person in the world who feels death, and who is left with memories that won't heal.

On Memorial Day I wish more than ever
To live in a world without death--
For no man, no nationality, no one.

In memory of Shlomo Kroizer z " l
I love and miss you,
Your little brother

Hagay wrote this poem in memory of his older brother, Shlomo, and their parents have established an educational website with the same goal.

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