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Because We Love Life

The Israeli emergency team to Nepal IDF

In this morning’s Daily Dispatch, news comes from Nepal that another earthquake has struck the shattered nation – let us pray for the safety and ongoing recovery of the country, its people, and all those there helping. When the first earthquake hit, Israel was quick to send aid. Israel Hayom’s Judith Bergman writes that despite the world’s callous and cynical view of the Jewish state, Israelis help others because Israel loves and celebrates life:

The Israeli emergency team to Nepal, consisting of over 250 medical and rescue personnel is returning to Israel and with it the field hospital that operated for ten days in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu. According to The Jerusalem Post, the field hospital treated over 1000 patients and conducted 85 operations on injured Nepalese civilians. Eight babies were born in it, including two births requiring cesarean section operations. The hospital offered operating rooms, imaging facilities, advanced labs and an intensive care unit with 150 Israelis taking care of patients.

Furthermore, the IDF Homefront Command scanned 332 public buildings to check whether they were still stable, and held 605 safety courses for the Nepalese public…

Human Rights Watch, however, stooped to levels even lower than their characteristic rants when the organization’s Executive Director Kenneth Roth, in a now infamous tweet, posited, “Easier to address a far-away humanitarian disaster than the nearby one of Israel’s making in Gaza. End the blockade!”

Making a connection between Israel’s rescue efforts halfway around the globe and Gaza takes a particular brand of conspiracy theorist, and Roth appears to have an abundance of just what it takes to be one. Notably, Roth did not make any snide comments about any other country’s rescue efforts, such as India. Nor did he mention the notably absent Iranian or Saudi rescue teams…

Israel sets up field hospitals in the rubble of Haiti and Nepal, helps Japanese tsunami victims and performs lifesaving surgery on Turkish earthquake victims, not because it hopes to score points in the international arena — although that would of course be a pleasant bonus — but because in Israel the value of life trumps everything.

It might be difficult for the jaded and hateful Roths of this world to fathom that there are those who perform lifesaving deeds without harboring ulterior motives, not expecting anything in return. The act of saving a life is an endless reward in itself — something that should be especially apparent to human rights activists.

Pikuach nefesh — the idea that one must do everything in one’s power to save the life of another — is strong and very much alive in Israel, and Israel’s missions abroad are a natural reflection of that.

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