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Yael Eckstein: Christians at Forefront of Prophetic Fulfillment

Yael Eckstein with olim child (Photo: Olivier Fitoussi)

Yael Eckstein has spent her entire life immersed in the organization started by her father. And now, as IFCJ Senior Vice President, she works with her father to continue helping Jewish people in need, many of them fleeing from turmoil and making aliyah (immigrating) to Israel. Yael spoke with Breaking Israel News about how this aid - and the biblical prophecy it fulfills - became such a chief endeavor for her and The Fellowship's Christian friends:

“When the war started in the Ukraine we realized that we had to act. For the first time since World War II, there were Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union, thousands of them, and there was no one quick emergency way to bring them back,” Eckstein said. “That’s when we started our own independant department. If no one was going to take care of this, we were going to do it ourselves.”

“We thought it would only be the Ukraine, but then European terrorism started,” Eckstein told Breaking  Israel News. “We were the first organization to bring an aliyah flight after the attack in Nice. Then we got calls from the Jewish communities in Turkey, and Spain, and Moldova, and Venezuela, and Uruguay. We expanded to help those countries in need. We did everything to bring them home in 3-6 weeks from first identifying them.”

The Fellowship accounts for more aliyah than any other organization working in this area that was once dominated by the Jewish Agency. The Christian community is now playing an essential role in this emergency effort and Yael Eckstein sees a Biblical significance in this development.

“What we are seeing now is a truly historic situation where Christians are in the forefront of bringing Jews home to Israel, without an agenda or ulterior motives, simply so the Jews can fulfill their lifelong and biblical dream of being connected to their people and their land,” Eckstein said. “So much of our prayers and  prophecies speak about this coming to be, but so much of our history distanced us from this so it is difficult for us to see now, when it is actually happening..."

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