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When a Dummy Screams, the IDF's Future Medics Rush In

The IDF is always at the forefront of technology, forced to be innovative because of the many threats they face. The Times of Israel's Luke Tress provides a fascinating look at one such innovation - a high-tech medical simulation that prepares medics for the real-world injuries they'll have to treat in battle:

The team of soldiers rushed onto the scene, frantically searching for casualties. They shouted to each other through the smoke and screams for help, first treating serious bleeding, then assembling the injured for evacuation. They worked quickly but made one serious mistake. One victim of the attack, slumped behind a rock and partly hidden by brush, went unnoticed.

Fortunately, the soldiers were not in an actual crisis situation — not yet. The exercise in the IDF’s “multiple casualty event room” was part of their training to become combat medics. It is the last step of their course in the military’s Medical Trauma Simulator, a high-tech training school for the IDF Medical Corps. The facility aims to give soldiers the most realistic experience possible to prepare them for the worst situations they may encounter during their service.

“All units of the IDF send their medical teams to train here on a regular basis,” said Major Aviv Gelbar, commander of the program. “We’re first class in the world for this — I’m not shy to say it.”

The facility is located in the Sharon Military Base (known as “the City of Training Bases” in Hebrew), a sprawling complex being developed south of Beersheba in southern Israel. The course was previously located on another base, and the facility currently being used opened about a year ago, Gelbar said.

Everyone from trained physicians to 18-year-old recruits gets instruction on the premises. The physicians learn how to use their existing skills in a combat situation with multiple casualties, while recruits start with more basic knowledge and skills, said Gelbar, a physician who has been commander of the course for about two years.

Instructors train the new soldiers in three phases...

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