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What Would You Do in a Terror Attack?

Israeli children take shelter during rocket attack (Photo: ASHERNET/IDF)

This past week's horrific shooting in a Texas church full of worshipers left 26 dead and dozens wounded truly hit home for those outside of Israel who have, historically, not had to worry about surviving a terror attack. But in today's reality, the residents of the Jewish state are not the only ones who must worry about such an event. Breaking Israel News' Tsivya Fox brings us advice from Israel's foremost search and rescue organization on what should be done should one find oneself in the middle of a terror attack:

“Before 9/11, there was an attitude that terrorists sought to be heard and there would be an opportunity to negotiate,” David Rose, international director of ZAKA, told Breaking Israel News. “Unfortunately, today, we see that attackers don’t value their own lives and certainly not that of their victims...

He suggested 8 basic responses to a terror situation.

1. Run. If you can remove oneself from the danger without being overly exposed, do so. Moving targets are harder to hit than stationary ones. Stay low and try to take others with you. There is strength in numbers. In a high-rise building, it is recommended to go to the roof. Statistics have found that those who run have a better chance of survival than those who play dead.

2. Hide. It is preferable to place yourself in a spot with substantial brickwork or heavily reinforced walls. Try to lock or barricade the area. Stay away from doors and windows, which can be perforated.

3. Be aware of exits. In general, you should always know where exits can be found. In a terror situation, as soon as there is an opportunity to escape, take it.

4. Turn cell phone to silent and turn off vibrate. You should be as invisible as possible. If you can see the attacker, you are probably not invisible.

5. Leave belongings behind. Everything but life can be renewed.

6. Call the police. Even if you cannot speak or make noise, listen to police instructions and do your best to convey location, number of suspects, and their description, including type of clothing and weapon, casualties or hostages

7. As a last resort, take the terrorist out. Gather a group of 5-6 people and try to kill and/or disarm the terrorist by hitting hard. Aim to kill and then run. Go for the eyes and/or the groin. If possible, try to disarm him. Yell, throw things and do anything you can to fight for your life. The key is speed, strength, surprise, and aggression.

8. Mentally strengthen yourself. You should repeat in your mind that you will survive. You should also review in his mind what you have to live for. Determination enhances survival instincts and releases adrenaline, which helps people to react better. Repeat affirmations to help stay calm and get to safety. Never willingly go with an attacker and do not comply with the terrorists’ demands as statistically, those who do so die...

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