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What Seized Terrorist Weapons Mean

Terrorist weapons seized in West Bank raids, August 23, 2016 (Photo: IDF Spokespersons Unit)

Last week, we reported on the Israeli raid that uncovered a massive terrorist weapons stockpile. JNS' Stephen M. Flatow writes that this discovery - the 29th such seizure this year - underscores the fact that the Palestinian leadership not only does not take terrorism seriously, but encourages terrorist violence against the Israeli people:

Israeli security forces captured no less than seven separate Palestinian terrorist weapons storehouses. And then they spread the weapons out so photographers could actually see them.

Rifles. Pistols. Bullets. Knives. Handcuffs.

To shoot Jews. To stab Jews. To handcuff hostages.

And where were the weapons captured? In Bethlehem and Hebron, that is, where the Palestinian Authority rules.

That's right, the same Palestinian Authority (PA) that is obligated by the Oslo accords to fight terrorists, to put them in jail, to seize their weapons. But once again, the terrorists are manufacturing and storing weapons right under the PA's nose, and they do nothing about it. Even though it has one of the largest per capita security forces in the world, the PA for some reason is unable to find the weapons...

And don't think for a minute that this week's weapons capture is some isolated incident. The Israeli news media report, although the international news media never report it, that since the beginning of this year, the Israeli Army and security services have uncovered 29 Palestinian terrorist factories.

Twenty-nine! Imagine the quantities of weapons they found. And imagine the kind of terrible slaughter the Palestinians intended to carry out with all those weapons.

Let's be grateful Israel's security forces have once again pre-empted the terrorists. But at the same time, let's learn an important lesson from this latest episode: the Palestinian Authority has never acted seriously against the terrorists, and never will. The PA regards the terrorists as "martyrs" and "heroes," and it says so every day in its newspapers, radio shows, and television programs. It allows them to operate freely, and sometimes even directly assists them...


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