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Time to Admit the PA Sponsors Terror

In today's Daily Dispatch, Stand for Israel told you about measures against the Palestinians that the U.S. is preparing to undertake, including taking the "right of return" off the table. Now, writing at The Times of Israel, retired IDF General and international security expert Yossi Kuperwasser says it is time that Israel, too, changed its tactics regarding the terror-sponsoring Palestinian Authority:

Recent moves of the US administration on the Palestinian arena (deducting $200 million from US aid and probably adopting a new approach on Palestinian refugees) are signs that as we approach the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords (signed on September 13 1993) there are finally international players that are ready to call a spade a spade. In this spirit, it is high time to admit that the Palestinian Authority, the main product of the agreements, is a “terror-sponsoring entity,” committed to the Palestinian struggle aimed at completely fixing the injustice it sees in Zionism. It was like that from the day it was established and it promises to stick to this identity in the future. Yet, until recently we were willfully blind to it.

The PA, repeatedly declares that it is determined to keep paying salaries to terrorists arrested in Israeli prisons or released from them, as well as to the families of terrorists who died while performing their terror attacks. PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated that “even if we are left with one penny, we are going to use it to pay the salaries to the (terrorist) prisoners.” This came in response to the American and Israeli awakening to the reality about the PA, as represented in the “Taylor Force Act” that denies the PA American aid until it stops paying those salaries and revokes the law according to which they are paid, and the Israeli equivalent law that deducts from the taxes collected by Israel for the PA and transferred to it the sum it pays to the terrorists (both laws were recently enacted but were not yet implemented. According to a press report American officials explained that the cut in US aid was intended to avoid the need to activate the Taylor Force Act)...

This commitment manifests the Palestinian view promulgated by Palestinian law that refers to the terrorists as the “fighting sector” of the Palestinian society. This ongoing pattern stands in sharp contrast to the Palestinian commitments in the Oslo Accords and to international law and conventions.

The doctrine of appeasement that has been practiced vis-à-vis the PA has a cost — it further radicalizes the Palestinian people to accept the terror attacker as a cultural normalcy. As time goes on, more people aspire to become, or at the very least, to respect the terrorists. This is one of the greatest barriers to peace.

At the same time, Israel and the Jewish people are viewed as the aggressors because Israel is silent on the true nature of the PA...

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