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The Terrible Cost of Indifference

Beginning at sundown on Wednesday, Israel and the world will observe Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. And one of the many lessons the Holocaust still teaches us is the danger of apathy - apathy toward the evil around us. Writing at Israel Hayom,  Dr. Haim Shine says that such apathy cannot take place, especially during such modern atrocities as the current chemical weapons attacks in Syria:

There is nothing more dangerous than indifference to the mass killing of innocent people. Indifference always benefits the aggressor and harms the victim. We Jews remember how the entire world stood aside, indifferent to the mass murders of our brothers and sisters in the gas chambers. This Thursday, when Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day, we will remind the entire world of the terrible price of its apathy toward what is transpiring in Syria.

Hypocrisy is apathy's main partner. Atrocities are being committed across the Middle East, but the "enlightened" world condemns the State of Israel when it defends its sovereignty and its borders. We can now add the International Criminal Court at The Hague to this festival of hypocrisy, with its demand that an investigation be opened into the IDF's actions to defend Israel from terrorists who use innocent people as human shields.

Israel is an island of sanity in an ocean of brutality. There is nothing new in this. For thousands of years, the Jews have paid the price for a cruel and indifferent world's malice, madness and cynicism. I had hoped to hear condemnation of the massacre in Syria from members of Israel's Joint Arab List, but I was disappointed. They are too busy glorifying the "martyrs" in the Gaza Strip who dig the terror tunnels and stockpile weapons to be used against Israel...

This Holocaust Remembrance Day, pledge today to stand with Israel against another Holocaust.

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